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Written by Warime Guti   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 05:52

By Jeremiah IKO (4th Year Comm for Development Std-Unitech)

The Gabensis Lutheran congregation in the Gabensis Parish under Wampar Circuit of the Yabim district has gone into its first day of its congregation conference today.  A three day conference was officially opened by a team from the Lutheran Head Office at Ampo upon invitation from the congregation. The team arrived late yesterday at the conference site (Gabensis village); an approximately 1 hr drive from the main hub of Morobe Province, Lae city to officially open the conference. The team led by Reverend Timothy Luke director of the Chaplains and Mission service, Reverend Hans Giegere secretary of the work man and woman accompanied by Jerry Daniels from the Communications center, Mrs Lakera Tepa the head woman and her husband Reverend Kervin Tepa; Mrs Ruth Yapi adult literacy trainer from education department; Mrs. Sawa Masoga secretary from Bishops office and others were welcomed with a Wampar way of sing sing at their arrival.

Giving key note during the opening Rev. Timothy Luke expressed great happiness to the Gabensis people saying he was really happy that they can organize in such a way at the congregational level which was not common in the church organization for the Lords Glory. “Planti taim yumi save lukim ol paris seket na distrik konfrens na nau em I narakain tru” (a lot of times we see conferences at the parish, circuit and district level but now we are witnessing something new) he said. Congregation conference is a rare event in most congregations, it usually the parish and circuit and was something new that brought joy to the guest at that time. Rev. Luke with joy told them that using the team of their conference ‘Is it Really Me?’ to question themselves well. “It is a nice team you have chosen after various teams given in the synods for the church to follow” he said, “ now you have chosen a team to asses yourselves whether you have been following those bigger teams or not”. Adding on he said that it is good that we use Joshua’s example (Joshua 24:15) to chose whom to serve now a day using conference’s team to question ourselves. He also stressed that Love should be the dominion and the driving factor that must make us to serve the Lord and also do his work apart from exercising Mathew. 28:18 alone. The conference was officially opened by Rev. Luke with a word of prayer at around 4:00p.m in the afternoon.

The pastor of the Gabensis congregation Pr. Gideon Joshua (a new graduate from Martin Luther Seminary) with the conference organizing committee chairman George Ngampen and their circuit (Wampar) president expressed great joy on behalf of their congregation regarding the presence of the people from the head office saying that they were really happy to see people at the head office coming down to such level in church (i.e. congregational level) to witness what is going among people. They also told the visiting team that it is good that you people can come down to see us because it is not the head office that makes up ELC-PNG, it is the people that makes and solidifies the church. Rev. Hans Giegere who was allowed to speak also consolidated and agreed that it is you people that make up the church “sapos yupela nogat sios bai nogat na tru tumas yupeal istap na sios istap” (it is indeed true the existence of people makes up the church and if you are left out than the church cannot exist) he said. The conference will be held for three (3) days and will end on Sunday which Rev. Luke told the Gabensis congregation that he will be present at the closer of their conference which the congregation welcomed the chaplains’ and missions director warmly.               

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