First youth female as a district youth Coordinator of one of ELC-PNG’s 17 Districts. Print
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Written by Warime Guti   
Thursday, 14 April 2011 06:25

For more than 50 years since ELCPNG was established there has not been a youth female who has hold a position of such responsibility. It is a privilege for the first time to have a young female being one of the 17 ELC-PNG district Youth Coordinators.

Among the other 16 male district Youth Coordinators who participated  in a Review workshop carried out by the National Youth Ofifice last month was Ms. Dika Napkai who is currently the Youth Coordinator of Papua district. Papua district is one of the few Urban Church district of ELCPNG.It  was during this workshop that she was asked  some questions.

Would you give a brief history of your life?
I am 26 years old and I come from a mixed parentage of Siassi (in the Morobe Province) and Hanuabada (in the Central Province). I come from a family of 7 of which I am the second born and the eldest daughter. My family resides in Port Moresby City and we attend the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, English Congregation.

I work as the Administration Officer for iTEL (PNG) Microtech, a nationally owned IT Firm. I enjoy baking, traveling and taking pictures of the natural environment.

What were your previous leadership experience before you became the Papua district's youth coordinator?
I joined the Youth Ministry of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – Koki, English Congregation in 2001, in 2002 I was elected Youth Secretary a role which I held for two years. In 2004 I was asked to fill the position of Acting Youth Chairperson; I remained in this position from two years. In 2004 I was elected youth chairperson for the congregation, a position I held for two terms (6 years). In 2010 I decided not to continue with the leadership in the congregation but rather take a backseat role and support the new Leader. 

How were you appointed for this leadership position? Was there an election or were you appointed on merit?
There was an election on the 10th of October 2010 where seven (7) of us were nominated to contest. Six males and myself contested and I was elected un-opposed.

When you were elected unopposed, what did you think made every youth member trusted you, a female?
The election went so smoothly, I believe that it happened in God's own timing. Everyone just felt that it was time a female took the leadership of the district Youth, I just didn’t think that the female would end up being me. I believe it is the reputation that i set in my previous leadership roles that gave the youths the trust to elect me.

How does it feel being a female leader especially at the district level?
From my short-term experience in the District Leadership Role so far, I have found it very challenging at times, not really for the gender part of it but I’m just so new to the role that I’m still figuring out what is expected of me.  

What can you say about the road that lies ahead in the coming years as you lead the youths of ELCPNG Papua district?
I see a bright future ahead of us with no doubt at all as long as we put God first in our lives, because in Him all things are possible.

What are some of the plans that you have in mind to implement in the coming years?
1.    To focus more on the youths spiritual development through fellowship and Bible Study programs.
2.    To set up projects that aims at self sustaining the youth ministry financialy in the years to come.
3.    To empower, encourage and motivate young women to confidently take up leadership roles in their churches, communities and famlies.
4.    To establish a network with youths in other partner churches in PNG and abroad.

What advice or encouragement would you give to other youth females, in the other 16 ELCPNG districts and especially in developing nations who have the potentials to be leaders like you?
Believe in yourself, step out in faith and make a difference in your family, community, Church and country.



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