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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea
Gabensis Redi long Sinot PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warime Guti   
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 00:00

By Harry Awa (UPNG)

Insait long Yabim District ol ples long wanwan seket i redim kaikai samting na long Wampar Seket ‘Gabensis tu i redi’. Makim maus man na sinot komiti long ples Gabensis insait long Wampar Seket Mr. Isiah Saeng i tok. Em i tok moni mak bilong olgeta samting i klostu bungim K10 000. Mr. Saeng i amamas long ol arapela sista sios olsem Foursquare, Baptis, Sevende na Luteran Riniwol. Ol i halivim long gaden kaikai tu na insait long pasin bilong bilas na singsing. Sande skul kodineta bilong Luteran Riniwol, Mr. Robert Elastus i tok dispela kain pasin em i -Pes taim long kamap insait long histri bilong Gabensis long ol sista sios long givim han na sapot olsem. Na tu Musik kodineta bilong foskue sios Mr. Billy Ipin imekim wankain tok. Ol i tok “nau em sios i mas lusim ol kain politiks na banis buruk insait long ol yet na wokbung wantaim long kirapim Kingdom bilong God tasol. Bikpela amamas i kamap namel long olgeta sios bilong wanem dispela sinot i kirapim pasin bilong wokbung wantaim insait long ples Gabensis. Gabensis i bringim kaikai na ol kontribusen bilong ol i kam long Sarere. Redi -bilong dispela wok em i kamap yet long mun Oktoba yet ikam inap long Fraide ol manmeri i paitim garamut na i singsing inap tulait buruk long moning. Nius ripota i witnesim taim em igo long ples. Maski san i hot tasol ol manmeri i singsing na wet tasol long kar inap long belo na ol manmeri i soim bikpela amamas i go bikpela tru. Gebensis bai i lukautim 8-pela distrik olgeta i kam long sinot. Dispela ol distrik em: Ukata, Madang, NGI, Papua, Simbu, Jiwaka, Hagen na Boana distriks.

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Rev. Zau Rapa i blesim Sinot haus PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warime Guti   
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 00:00

By Xavier Winia (UPNG)

Wanpela samting we olgeta manmeri bilong Lutheran insait long Papua Niugini i bin putim yiau long harim em long tok klia bilong nesenel Sinot. Dispela em i go daun gut long yiau bilong ol manmeri taim Ektin Het bishop bilong ELC-PNG Rev. Zau Rapa i dediketim na givim tok blesing antap long ples bilong bung bilong Sinot long Sande namba 3 dei bilong Janueri long ai bilong bikpela grup manmeri. Planti manmeri, namba i sanap olsem 300, i kam insait long Lae long witnesim dispela spesol bung. Rev. Zau Rapa autim tok na i tokim bilip manmeri insait long Yabem distrik “wanem wok dedikesen yumi lukim nau em i kaikai bilong wanem hatwok yu -

wanwan i wokim na God iken blesim yupela olgeta.” long pinisim dispela tok bilong en, em i tokim ol manmeri long dispela taim olsem wanem ol samting we yupela i

tingim God bilong yupela na givim ikam long wok bilong Sinot em tu God bai blesim.

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Raipinka Trumpet Sch & Kambaidam Evangelist Training Sch visited. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warime Guti   
Thursday, 15 April 2010 04:00

On 25th May 2009, ELCPNG Evangelism Secretary Reverand Binora and Mr. Yakue Mazi visited the long time Raipingka Trumpet School at Kainantu District. The two officials from ELCPNG headquarter met with the two teachers of the Raipingka Trumpet School, the Raipingka Circuit President, a Church Council representative of the Kainantu District and the head teacher of the ELCPNG Kambaidam Evangelist Training School.

This meeting discussed issues regarding both schools, the Trumpet School and the Evangelist Training School. Rev Binora reported that currently the trumpet school is not operating as it was some time ago.

There was a misunderstanding between three parties in running the school.

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ELCPNG Staff graduated with a Degree in Accounting PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Thursday, 28 May 2009 00:00

By Merrian Ken

Bachelor in Business Accounting, PNG Unitech, 2009

It is a Blessing to have achieved another success in life. Having been graduated on the 27th of March 2009 with a Bachelor Degree in Business Accounting at The Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

Thanks God for this great blessing. May all the glory, honor and praises be His.

I joined ELCPNG Real Estate in 2003 with a Diploma in Accounting from Papua New Guinea Univeristy of Technology (PNGUoT) and have work until 2007. From 2007 to 2008, I  did my studies while on job at the same time.

It is an honor to express my appreciation to the following for their great support and commitment towards my achievement. Firstly  big thanks to the Human Resource Department and its head Mr Wilson Waesa and to my own Department (Finance) for their approval of my interest to pursue my studies.

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New Pastor installed for Buakap PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warime Guti   
Saturday, 23 May 2009 00:00

The Buakap village had came alive when people from Malalo Circuit, Yabem District gathered together to witness the installation of Pr. Yhum Nemngha.

Pr Nemngha will work under Pr. Micheal Maie for sometime and eventually take over from him when he goes into retirement in not distant future.

Pr. Maie graduated from Martin Luther Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology Degree in 1972. He served the Evangelical Lutheran Church for sometime before switching to private sector.

He was recalled into the Church by the late Bishop, Sir Getake Gam. He served as a chaplain to discipline forces including Police, Defense and Correctional Service and later became a religious program presenter with the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

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