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What are the teachings of a the Lutheran Church?

The Lutheran church teaches that:

The Bible is the Word of God-absolute truth and shows God in action.

The Savior, Jesus, died to save the world from sin.

The Church is all those people who sincerely accept and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The Creeds are statements of belief, not additions to the Bible and summarize the Bible's teachings.

God is one God in three persons--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier.

A person is justified (saved), not through merit but only by God's grace, through faith.

Baptism, a sacrament, establishes new life in a person and remakes him or her in God's spirit.

Religion and Science are not in conflict.  Religion talks about the "who," the creator; science talks about the "how."

Man and Woman were created by God in holiness, but sinned (rebelled).  We cannot by our own powers come back to God.

Repenting means sincerely regretting one's sins and asking for Christ's forgiveness and guidance.

The Lord's Supper, a sacrament, is the Body and Blood of Christ borne by bread and wine in Holy Communion.

A Christian's unity with fellow Christians is rooted in Christ as God and Savior.

God's law demands perfection of heart, through, word and deed. Whoever disobeys is a sinner.

Faith is a confessed sinner's acceptance of Christ as Savior.

Prayer is a Christian's sharing of thought with God--communication with God.

Religious education of the young is the responsibility of home and church.

Sins are the failures of people to live their lives in trust toward God.  They are evidenced in thoughts, words, and deeds.

Conversion (spiritual rebirth) is the bestowal of faith in Christ as Savior.

The Spirit of Evil has many names in the Bible and is the enemy of God and the church.

Separation of church and State is ordained by God and provides two arenas of work for Christians.

The Gospel, the teachings of Jesus, offers grace to everyone and will save those who believe in its promises.

Sanctification (holiness of life) follows conversion, but total holiness is possible only after entering eternal life.

Death does not sever a believer's relationship with Christ.

Marriage is intended for life.

Basically, Lutheranism teaches that a person is saved only by the grace of God through faith in Christ.


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