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Floor Committee and Agenda - 28th ELCPNG National Synod PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 11:50

There will be four (4) floor Committees to discuss on the agendas that have derived from the reports of the Head Bishop, the Assistant Bishop, the General Church Secretary and the Treasurer.
Committee discussion will began on Wednesday 11th January 2012.

Floor Committee 1: GAVANENS

(a) Dependency to Interdependency
(b) Pastors  and Evangelist Welfare
(c) Lutheran’s Layman League
(d) Office bilong Bisop, na Assistant na social office  long Port Moresby
(e) GKI – stia tok  na control

Floor Committee 2:  GUTNIUS SEVIS KOMITI

(a) Standards and Curriculum Review
Facilities Improvement Capacity Empowerment /Tisa  (Ministerial) (Refer to page five to page nine for more recommendation). Ministerial Department. Human Resource (page 3C,Pastors). (b) Wokabaut Bilong Gutnius Em istap olsem wanem now?
(c) Seminari graduates to all parts of ELC–PNG instead of their districts (Bishop’s report).
(d) Christian Radio

Floor Committee 3: SAPOT  SEVIS KOMITI

(a) 10% Ofa ikam long kongregesion  na long Gavaman igo long Nesionol Sios
(b) Business Arm
(c) Land & Property Management
Illegal settlers Land compensation Customary and state lease policy Possession of Church Properties/Possessing by leaders  
Floor Committee 4: SOSOL SEVIS KOMITI

(a) Social Servis, Review Church and State Agreements, Funding, Capacity
(b) Sponsoring  and Standard Issues-Balob Teachers College
(c ) Lutheran University

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